Cameron Trimble is already respected as one of our top church consultants and interdenominational networkers, but with Piloting Church, she also distinguishes herself as one of our best religious writers. Highly recommended!
— Brian D. McLaren



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Order your leaders copies of Piloting Church and use it as a resource to start the spring off with liftoff. Piloting Church is a book about church health and growth…but really, it’s about making the world a more just, loving and generous place. Because…you know…Jesus thought it was actually what we should focus on while we were here.

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All of us need reminders about the things that matter in life - family, love, kindness, our planet, our God. This daily email from Rev. Cameron Trimble and the team at the Center for Progressive Renewal is designed to boost our spirits, inspire our activism and challenge our complacency.

Piloting Church Online Courses

Want to learn how to guide your congregation through a dynamic planning process? Maybe you need help designing a sustainable funding strategy? Or you might be trying to build effective staff/lay leadership teams. Check out the online courses built from the principles covered in Piloting Church to learn more.


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Cameron loves to talk about cultural trends, church, leadership, marketing, fund development and ways to make the world more brave and kind. She can also talk endlessly about aviation. Click to discover where she might be speaking near you, or to schedule your own event with Cameron.

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Consulting and Coaching

At the Center for Progressive Renewal, we often say that “Your church’s best days are ahead.” For some churches, that means congregational growth and all the exciting things that come with that reality. For others it means giving their resources to a future generation and endeavor. No matter where you are in your congregational lifecycle, we are here to support you. Let us know how we can help.


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